Palladium Technical Academy










*Morning and Evening classes are available.

*No H.S. diploma needed for some programs.

*Financial Aid for those who qualify.

*Job Placement assistance for graduates.


Applicants may also qualify for tuition assistance through various public and private training or re-training agencies. These agencies include: California Department of Rehabilitation; Trade Readjustment Act.

All public and private agencies have certain requirements for eligibility. For more information, contact the school Financial Aid Office.

At Palladium Technical Academy we believe that each student deserves a quality education. PTA believes that an educational institution and its curriculum need to relay the actual and practical knowledge and skills needed in the real world.

In addition, we know, provided an environment conducive to learning and growth, students will reach their greatest potential and enhance their capabilities. In Palladium Technical Academy all students can gain knowledge and skills for more promising careers.



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