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This program is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to become skilled Dental Assistants. These skills are many and vary with the dental practice. Dental assistance is rewarding for a person who likes something new each day and is a people person. Students will learn about the oral cavity and tooth structure, dental charting, oral health care, and patient care. Biomedical science provides the student with core knowledge of anatomy and physiology and their relationship to dentistry. Oral pathology, infection control, dental and medical emergencies, and basic life support are also taught. Students earn an Infection Control Certificate and a CPR Certificate. Professional ethics is taught and demonstrated throughout the entire program. Chairside procedures teach students skills required in dentistry. Instrumentation for all the dental procedures, patient care, the use of four-handed dentistry, and manipulation of dental materials incorporate the knowledge learned in dental materials class. Students will obtain a working knowledge of the basic principles and characteristics of radiation, the biological effects of radiation, and radiation safety procedures. After successfully passing a California Radiation Safety Examination, they will obtain a California Radiation Safety Certificate and will be qualified to take dental x-rays of patients.

Students will learn to prepare dental material appropriate to the dental procedure and pour models from impressions and other laboratory procedures. Students will also gain knowledge and acquire skills in Dental Specialty Practices; basic electronic medical record-keeping, appointment management, basic accounting, dental insurance management, banking, and patient protocol are taught to prepare students for the paperless era. The program has an externship that provides a real work-world setting for students to utilize their knowledge and skills under the supervision of a Dentist, his/her staff, and a Palladium Technical Academy faculty member.

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